European Design LED w/Remote Control and Magnetic Holder for Camping and Boats

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This powerful LED Light has an European design with a magnetic holder that allows it to be used in any boat Bimini, outdoor tents or even under patio umbrellas.

This patent-protected magnetic attachment system finally replaces unsafe candle lights, suspended torches and other awkward lighting systems.

A magnetic disc is used on the opposite side of the cloth to hang the LED light, which has a powerful magnet that keeps the light in place.
In addition to the magnetic attachment the light can also be used as a wall or ceiling light in the interior of the yacht (integrated hanger).

The light also comes with an IR REMOTE CONTROL, which allows to turn on and off the LED light.   The remote control is also capable of controlling multiple lights at the same time, allowing for a complete illumination of the boat deck, tent or patio with the click of one button.


    • REMOTE CONTROL allows for conveniently operate the LED Light from a distance (ON/OFF) and also selecting between 2 different levels of light intensity. When using multiple sets, a single remote control can operate multiple lights simultaneously (ON/OFF/Light Intensity).
    • WARM LED LIGHT - exactly where you need it! Whether on the spray hood of a sailing yacht or on the Bimini of a motor yacht, this lamp can be attached to any awning fabric.
    • TWO LIGHT INTENSITIES: this light has 2 levels of light, the LOW one uses the Inner Circle with 3 LEDs and the high uses the Inner Circle and the Outer Circle with an additional 23 LED's
    • Easy Attachment: Magnetic holder allows LED light to be installed easily and effortlessly on all awning fabrics. Once attached it and can be moved flexibly and aimed wherever light is needed
    • Comfortable Usage: With the included remote control, the lamp can comfortably be operated from a distance. Two different light levels (3/23LEDs) are available
    • Flexible and Convenient: The new magnetic attachment system can be used on any size and type of boat or yacht. The battery-powered light does not need a power supply and can used off board as well (e.g. for camping or at home)


    • SET INCLUDES: LED Warm Light x 1, Magnetic Holder x 1 and Remote Control x 1. 
    • LED Light Diameter: 130mm
    • Magnet diameter: 25mm (1")
    • LED Light Temperature: WARM
    • LED Inner circle: 3. LED Outer circle: 23
    • Battery time: up to 100 hours
    • Power Supply: 4 x “AA” Batteries 1.5V not included

    PRODUCT CODE: CAE-010035-01