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HAULER MODEL: Line Hauler Pot Puller 900. Motor Supply Voltage: 12V. Motor Power: 900W. Includes 4-Wire Solenoid, Bimetal Fuse, Up/Down Rocker Switch, Owner Manual, Mounting Hardware.

HIGH-PERFORMANCE MOTOR: High-Power 900 Watts Motor provides a maximum Hauling Power / Trap Capacity of 190 Lb / 86 Kg with a hauling speed (Normal Load: 35 m/min, Heavy Load: 30 m/min).  Waterproof IP66 rating motor.

MOUNTING & EASY STORAGE: Fully Dismountable Portable design. A deck-mounted ABS Plastic bracket allows installing and removing this 30 Lb / 13.5 Kg hauler pot puller. The base of the hauler allows the equipment to rotate 360 degrees. A fixing Knob allows the hauler to be fixed at any angle. Includes a Manual Pressing Plastic Break Handle eliminating the necessity for applying light pull on the rope. The hauler is equipped with a foldable hauling arm allowing minimal space usage and easy storage.

WIDE APPLICATION: Line Size: Up to 3/8 Inch rope. This Line Pot Puller was designed for hauling while Prawns, Crab, and Lobster Traps. It helps to Reduce back strain when pulling crab or shrimp pots.

IMPORTANT WIRING NOTICE: To connect the hauler to the battery, a 2AWG cable must be used if the length of the cable from the hauler to the battery is less than 24 feet, if the length is between 24 and 50 feet, the cable must be 1AWG

To connect the hauler to the battery, a 2AWG cable must be used if the length of the cable from the hauler to the battery is less than 24 feet, if the length is between 24 and 50 feet, the cable must be 1AWG.  An 80amp circuit breaker must be used (See electrical diagram in pictures).


  • Voltage 12 V
  • Hauling power (up to): 200 Lbs
  • Hauling speed - normal load: 35 m/min
  • Hauling speed - heavy load: 30m/min
  • Length: 13.5cm
  • Height: 87 cm
  • Width: 50 cm
  • Rope sheaves Diameter: 18 cm
  • Line size span: 4-10 mm
  • Power consumption - no load: 12 A
  • Power consumption - heavy load: 75A
  • Rated power output: 900 W
  • Twin Mount Bracket: Small
  • Fuse type (automatic reset): Bi-metal

Foldable Arm
Loosen the hauling arm from its secure folded position and fully extend it. Press the arm gently down once fully extended and it will snap into its grip. Free the pulley from the folding arm so that it hangs freely.

Rotating Axle
Either leave the rotating axle in an unlocked position, allowing the hauler to follow the direction of the pull, or lock it in a fixed position with the nylon locking screw knob.
The second stainless screw, located above the nylon locking screw knob, prevents the hauler from being lifted from its axle. It should not be unscrewed, and cannot be used to lock the position of the rotating axle.

Electrical Switch
The haulers are fitted with a forward and reverse switch, allowing the hauling wheel to be operated in both directions. The position marked (I) will rotate the hauling wheel in its normal direction and the position marked (II) will rotate it in the opposite direction.

Mounting the hauler:
The hauler is mounted on the Twin Mount Bracket with the two vertical axle supports facing outwards, and the single axle support on the opposite side, facing inwards.
Once in place over the Twin Mount Bracket insert the twin drop nose pin and make sure the hauler is safely secured.
Open the lid of the electric socket and insert the plug by making its bulge line up with the socket's dent. Once the plug is fully inserted, rotate the locking-wheel to lock it in place.

Operating Instructions:

  • We recommend that a marine 12V battery with a minimum capacity of 60-80 Ah is used to power the hauler.
  • The haulers have a built-in bi-metal fuse so there is no need to install an external fuse. The bi-metal fuse protects the heavy duty motor from both current peaks and longer mid to high current intervals. It reacts to both high currents and increased temperature due to longer hauls at near the maximum working loads. The bi-metal fuse automatically resets once it cools down.

MANUFACTURER & DISTRIBUTOR are not responsible for any injuries caused by improper use of the product.



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