TMC Marine Self-Priming Double Acting Diaphragm Foot Galley Water Pump

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These TMC foot operated galley pumps are designed to be used as freshwater pumps in caravans, RVs, Sailboats, and Boats. They are rated at 4 GPM (240GPH). The hose connection ends rotate approximately 235 degree (have the red covering). There are four mounting slots on the bottom and four holes on the face that can be used for mounting. This foot is made of high quality materials and is certified by ISO-9001 and ISO-14001.

It is very important to have knowledge as to where will you install the foot operated pump. Please, see below for a brief explanation:

The water source of the foot pump can be either in the bottom or top of the foot pump.
1. If you place the tank in the bottom, you can either place the faucet galley on top of the foot pump or in between the foot pump and tank.
2. If the tank is on top of the foot pump, you must place the faucet galley above the tank.

SPECIFICATIONS: Hose Diameter: 9/16" (14.5 mm)
  • Output: 4 GPM (240GPH)
  • Type: Self-Priming and double acting
  • Capacity: 240GPH (4.0 US Gals per minute)
  • Dimension: 9.32" (236.8mm) x 6" (152.6mm) x 4.86" (123.5mm)
  • Certifications: SO-9001 and ISO-14001