Ring Buoy Mounting Bracket Holder | Stainless Steel with Nylon Strap

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Five Oceans rail mount ring buoy bracket is suitable for ring buoys and horseshoe lifebuoys. Designed for either 7/8 inches or 1-inch tubes. Can be mounted directly on flat surfaces and handrails. Made of high-quality stainless steel material to provide corrosion resistance.

  • Type: Rail Mount Ring Buoy Bracket
  • Material: Polished AISI316 Stainless Steel | Nylon Strap
  • Mounts on flat surfaces and handrails. Tubes (7/8 inches or 1-inch)
  • Dimensions: Length 5-3/8 inches (137mm) | Width 5-1/2 inches (140mm) | Diameter 2-1/8 inches (54mm)