60 Amps Anchor Windlass Circuit Breaker with Manual Reset Button, 12 Volts, Waterproof IP67, Surface Mount, Easy Installation

Five Oceans SKU: CAE-003295-01 Barcode: 082045285697

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This Five Oceans' 60 Amps circuit breaker has the function to protect your boat from a dangerous short circuit. Also, it protects the electric motor of the windlass and interrupts tension to windlass when desired. This unit is suitable between 300 to 700 Watts windlass motors and we highly recommend this circuit breaker for the 600 Watts Five Oceans Atlantic and Pacific windlass series

  • Amperage: 60 Amp
  • Voltage: 12V
  • Waterproof: Yes
  • Manual Reset Button: Yes

Replacement Part For:
600 Watts Pacific Windlass Series (CAE-003931-01)
600 Watts Atlantic Windlass Series (CAE-003930-01)

Compatible with Windlass from other brands with up to 600 Watts.