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Traditional Danforth Style Fluke Hot Dipped Galvanized Anchor, 10 LB (4.5 kg) - Five Oceans

  • $74.09

This high-grade hot dipped galvanized fluke anchor line is engineered to handle the dynamic shock loads caused by boat motion and is treated for maximum abrasion resistance. These traditional anchors are made with high-quality hot dipped galvanized. Not to mention, there is a uniform construction process and a marine coating that creates an extremely abrasion-resistant, snag-resistant, long-lasting line. This Danforth Style Fluke Anchor has the traditional holding power which has always been associated with Danforth Standard Anchors.

  • Compatibility: Boats Between 21 to 25 FT
  • Material: Hot Dipped Galvanized
  • Type: Pivoting Danforth Fluke (Danforth Style)
  • Weight: 10 LB (4.5  kg)
  • Dimensions: 23 7/8" Shank Length x 18 1/4" Stock Width x 22 1/4" Fluke Length
  • Application: Sand and mud
  • Not recommended holding in grassy, rock or clay bottoms

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