Bennett Complete Kit BOLT Electric Trim Tab with 2020 Integrated Helm Control - 12x12 inches

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These electric trim tab systems are suitable for boats from 22 to 27 ft.
It comes with an Indication Control Switch that combines three features into one compact control:

  • Rocker switch control
  • Trim tab position indicator
  • Auto Tab Retractor.
Highly accurate and features variable intensity LEDs for night or day. The water-resistant Keypad and connectors ensure years of trouble-free operation.
Not to mention, the BOLT Electric Trim Tab features a robust and water-tight black nylon actuator while the wires are concealed and protected through the upper hinge, which leaves no exposed wires.
In addition, the main seal is located high to protect against marine growth and water intrusion failures.  The BOLT Trim Tab is quieter than any other system on the market and allows for a smoother ride.


  • 2020 Integrated Helm Control (OBI9000E)
  • (2) Stainless steel trim planes (tabs) and mounting plates (12 x 12 inches)
  • BOLT1212 with two(2) 12-volt actuators with 6ft. wire harnesses and waterproof connectors (BEA3000)
  • (2) 20ft. harnesses with waterproof connectors (BAW2020)

This Kit is completely plug and play, there is no need to run additional wiring back to the transom and it allows for easy installation.
Control box incorporates innovative LED status indicators simplifying installation and troubleshooting.


  • NEW 2020 Integrated Helm Control (OBI9000E)
  • Stand-alone helm control without the need for an external control unit.
  • The functionality and "brains" of the control unit are engineered directly into a single, space-saving, and simple-to-install keypad.
  • Reduce bow rise, plane faster, and correct listing
  • Convenient "All Up" and "All Down" buttons
  • Trim tab position LEDs always show you where your tabs are Auto tab retraction (tabs retract up when the ignition is powered off)
  • Easy-to-install single lock nut design
  • Compatibility: Boats 22 to 35 Feet Long
  • Dimensions: 12 x 12 inches
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Trim Tab Actuator: Electric System
  • Actuator Chord: 6FT
  • Voltage: 12 Volts
  • Working forces: Actuation force: 750 lb. | Return Force: 750 lb.
  • Current draw: 250 lb: 10 Amps | 750 lb: 30 Amps
  • Type: Trim Tab Kits
  • Style: Self-Levelling
  • Mounting Hardware: Mounting Hardware (Included)
  • Warranty Details: Limited Lifetime Warranty provided by the manufacturer.