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Anchor Double Swivel, Up to 1/2" Chain - Five Oceans

  • $98.38

Five Oceans anchor connectors are manufactured with great quality, beautiful polish and smooth contours. Stainless steel ensures that the shape remains intact at loads that meet or exceed the deformation point (unlike cast stainless steel).

These double swivels are forged from tough stainless steel for extremely high mechanical performance in premier ocean racing and commercial marine applications.

With a Five Oceans swivel connector attached to your anchor the chain won’t get twisted any more. They are designed with oval shape for perfect sliding through the roller.


  • Anchor Double Swivel Up to 1/2" Chain
  • Working Load 7930 Lbs (3600 kg)
  • Breaking Load 15870 Lbs (7200 kg)
  • Material: 316 Stainless Steel

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