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12 Gallons Portable Fuel Tank - Five Oceans

  • $173.77

This Five Oceans' tank will virtually eliminate fuel evaporation and loss, saving you money while saving the environment. With a design that virtually eliminates fuel evaporation and loss by containing fuel vapor within the tank instead of venting it wastefully to the atmosphere. In addition, similar to automotive industry systems, this tank features a tethered, ratcheted fuel cap with a high-flow automatic vacuum valve that ensures optimal flow under all conditions. Not to mention, a 90 1/4" NPT fuel fitting and an easy-to-read, slosh-resistant, high-contrast fuel gauge that accurately monitors the level of remaining fuel without requiring the removal of the fuel cap. The seamless, injection molded, multi-layer construction provides a 5% vapor space beyond the stated fuel capacity to safely allow for fuel thermal expansion and an additional 2-Cycle oil capacity to achieve a 1:16 ratio mix.

Note: Any low-permeation tank may become pressurized when exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of heat. Under these conditions you may see the tank expand or bulge. Do not place the tank in a confined area that prevents this normal expansion. Pressurized low-permeation fuel system components require a thread sealant specifically designed for the unique conditions they create to maintain a leak-proof seal at their threaded connections. Tape-type thread sealants will not withstand the pressurized conditions potentially created within low-permeation systems.


  • Capacity: 12 Gallon
  • Above/Below Deck: Above Deck
  • Features: Mechanically-Vented Cap
  • Color: Red
  • Feature: Pull Strap/ Wheels
  • Dimensions: 24 13/32" (620mm) x 14 11/64" (360mm) x 12 13/64" (310mm)
  • Fittings: 1/4" Inch NPT
  • Material: HDPE/EVOH
  • Securing System: Portable
  • Type: Gas


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