Claw / Bruce Type Force Boat Anchor | AISI316 Stainless Steel | 15.5lb - Five Oceans

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Five Oceans Claw Anchor is constructed of Stainless Steel and has been trusted by our customers for 30 years. It shares all of the features associated with the original Claw/Bruce anchor. The curved wingtips are configured so that the anchor rolls to its optimum upright orientation when setting or resetting. The anchor banks in the sea bed and maintains high holding power, even though 360 degrees of boat movement. Our Five Oceans Claw/Bruce Anchor Stainless Steel works well for bottom conditions where many anchors do not, such as rocks and coral. The anchor's three strong points let this anchor grab easily and because there are no flimsy or movable parts, there's less risk of bending or jamming.

  • Weight: 15.5LB
  • Material: AISI316 Stainless Steel
  • Recommended for boat length up to 30 Ft
  • Style: Bruce-style claw
  • Application: mud, sand, and rocky bottoms

  • (A): 21-1/4 in (540mm) (see diagram)
  • (B): 10-3/8 in (264mm) (see diagram)
  • (C): 11 in (279mm) (see diagram)
  • (D): 13-11/16 in (348mm) (see diagram)
  • (E): 18-1/2 in (470mm) (see diagram)
Claw Anchor