TMC Panel Switch-Flush Control with Electric Toilet Protection

TMC SKU: CAE-004148-01 Barcode: 706199879075

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This TMC 12V panel switch is used to control the flush of any TMC 12V electric toilet. Operated by a 3-way rocker switch with two flush options, full flush or half flush, and a centre off position.

The switch has a built in 40amp relay circuit loop that protects the electric toilet against instant high current caused by sudden start or abnormal impeller friction.

  • 3-Way Rocker Switch in the Control Panel with built-in electronic control system that allows 2 flush options:
    • Half Flush - Lasts for 5 Seconds and delivers 2 litres of water.
    • Full Flush - Lasts for 10 seconds and delivers 4 litres of water
  • Fuse Holder and boxed fuse package
  • Pre-Set 30A Fuse
  • Front Fascia
  • Equipped with Seals for Water - Splash proof
  • Relay/PCB/Seal