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EPA Universal Fuel Line, 3/8" Hose

  • $38.23

Upgrade to a Five Oceans' ethanol-compatible low-permeation fuel line that meets EPA requirements. Utilizing low-permeation fuel lines with an EPA approved tank not only makes your boat compliant with current regulations, it saves fuel that would have normally evaporated. It's easy to replace your old fuel line to save gas using pre-assembled kits. The universal kit features low permeation fuel line, our high output bulb like the engine specific kits but leaves the ends open to install any 3/8" connector. Bulb connections are made using step-less stainless steel clamps for a clean look that won't catch on gear. Excellent as a spare. Make the switch to an EPA approved fuel system with the help of Five Oceans' pre-assembled fuel line kits.

  • Hose Size:3/8"
  • Length: 6'
  • Ethanol Compatible: Yes
  • Approvals: EPA (fuel line and bulb only)
  • Feature: Compatible with ethanol blended fuels & Pre-assembled using low permeation fuel line and bulb (connectors sold separately)

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