PVC Low Profile Cowl Vent with Snap-On Deck Plate, 4" inches, UV-Resistant and Flexible PVC, Interior Red, 4-1/2 inches (114 mm) Cutout

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APPLICATIONS: Cowl Vent with Snap-on Deck and cover designed for air intake or cabin ventilation. Great for bilge ventilation with or without a blower.

SNAP-ON DECK PLATE: Includes snap-on deck plate and cover for use in rough weather. Cowl ventilators can revolve and are removable.

MEASUREMENTS: Airflow Size: 4" (102mm). Deck Plate Cut Out: 4-1/2" (114mm). Deck Plate Outer Diameter: 6" (152mm). Height: 5" (127mm). 6 #8 fasteners (not included).

MARINE-GRADE MATERIALS: Made from durable, flexible, UV resistant dip molded White PVC with a Traditional red interior.

SAFETY: PVC Cowl Vent is safer than metal or other types of rigid vents.