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Ultra Bright COB LED Telescopic Camping Light w/ Wireless Remote Control 12VDC (0.74m to 4.5m)

  • $95.26

Ultra Bright COB LED Telescopic Camping Outdoor Fishing Light w/Wireless Remote Control 12VDC (0.74m to 4.5m) FR-12

This telescopic light is ideal for illuminating camping grounds, BBQ areas, Outdoor activities and even fishing grounds.
The aluminum alloy telescopic pole allows to place the powerful lights at the necessary height. It extends from 0.74 meters all the way to 4.50 meters, increasing the illuminated area with every inch of height.
Each COB panel has 252 LEDs for a total of 514 LEDs and 6,700 lumen, enough to easily illuminate half basketball court.
Wireless RF remote control allows to manage the intensity of the light from up to 15 meters of distance. The remote control also manages 8 different dynamic illumination modes.

(2) COB LED panels
(1) 5m Cable Extension
(1) Wireless Remote Control
(1) Cigarette lighter plug
(1) Set of battery clips
(1) Carrying bag
(1) Rod stand.


ULTRA BRIGHT & DURABLE: This is a portable powerful camping, fishing or outdoor light. Equipped with high-quality COB light source with 6,700 lumen, easily illuminate half of the basketball court. The service life is up to 50000 hours, which is 3 times that of LED lights (Note: sold without 12VDC battery)

COMPACT & LIGHTWEIGHT: This easy to carry light comes with a telescopic aluminum alloy pole that extends from 0.74m (29”) to 4.5m (15ft) in height. It uses high-quality lightweight aluminum alloy as the support, while adopts the advanced technology of telescopic snap type. Not only convenient for storage, but it also only weighs 2.2kg.

ADJUSTABLE BRIGHTNESS: Control the light intensity of 6,700 lumen from up to 15m of distance with the remote control. You can easily adjust the three kinds of brightness and switch between 8 different dynamic light effects.

WATERPROOF & INDESTRUCTIBLE: The camping lamp is covered with IP68 waterproof material and anti-impact material, which has excellent performance in rainy days and other harsh environments. Suitable for yards, seaside, camping, work, BBQ etc.

• POWER: it requires 12VDC and you can use either set of connectors in order to hook up to the battery
• ILLUMINATION: 6,700 lumen, 456 LEDs, life 50,000 hours
• WATERPROOF with an IP68 rating
• IMPACT resistant
• TELESCOPIC Range: 0.74m to 4.50meters
• POWER Consumption: only 34 Watts

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