Ultra Bright COB LED Light Kit for Outdoors or Emergency Light - 12VDC

Canadian Marine & Outdoor Equipment SKU: CAE-010030-01

$20.79 CAD

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  • POWERFUL COB LED LIGHT with 144 LED’s and 2000 lumen, provides very bright illumination over 180-degree arc and the effective illumination reaches the 10m (33 feet). Additionally, the COB LED is more efficient and provide energy savings of 20 times of halogen lamps.
  • DIMENSIONS: only 120mm x 72mm. Light encased in new plastic thermal plastic that allows to touch the light without feeling the heat from the powerful LEDs.
  • POWER: 12 to 14 VDC and up to 20 Watts of illumination power.
  • COMPACT SIZE and LIGHT WEIGHT with only 500g (1.2-lb) weight. Magnetic base allows for 360-degree rotation, freeing your hands, making it idea for car or equipment repair, workshop, garage, auto shop and emergency car troubles
    • (1) COB LED panel (12x7.2cm) with 144 LEDs
    • (1) 5m Cable Extension with switch
    • (1) Magnetic Base
    • (1) Cigarette lighter plug
    • (1) Set of battery clips
  • WATERPROOF IP67: this waterproof light can stand the Canadian harsh environment such as rain and snow, ensuring a long-term stable operation.


COB (Chips On Board) is the new technology of LED that allows the packing of a large number of LED lights in a very small surface, providing an ultra bright source of light.

The COB LED TM-12 packs 144 LEDs in just 12x7cm surface area providing 2000 lumen of white light.

It comes with a magnetic base that can point the LEDs anywhere around the 360 degrees, making it idea for camping, RVs, emergency light and even doing vehicle repairs at night.

    Wide irradiation range: 180 ° illumination angle, 10m (33ft) radius. Very suitable for camping, RV illumination, emergency light, car maintenance, mechanical maintenance, workshop, garage or outdoor lighting
      New thermal plastic case provides a good look and allows to handle the light without feeling the heat from the powerful lights.

        PRODUCT CODE: CAE-010030-01