Pivoting Self-launching Anchor Bow Roller, Length 16-1/4", Stainless Steel - Five Oceans

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MARINE-GRADE HIGH-QUALITY ANCHOR BOW ROLLER- Our 316 stainless steel roller bearings are much more durable than standard 304 stainless steel (common in the industry) and are specifically designed for marine applications.

HINGED DOUBLE BOW ROLLER - The top and bottom sections of the roller are connected by a hinge, allowing the top section to roll freely over the bottom section for increased flexibility when installing heavy loads.

VERSATILE DESIGN - The hinged roller design allows for smooth and easy movement of ropes and chains while the double bow configuration provides a secure connection point.

DELRIN ROLLERS - The rollers are made of non-marking, non-marring Delrin plastic, which is resistant to moisture, chemicals, and corrosion and provides a low-friction surface for smooth rolling.

INSTALLATION NOTE - Overhanging anchor rollers should be supported along with at least 2/3 of their length. Anchor Roller length: 16-1/4-inch (413mm).


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