Premium Universal Motor Flusher Dual Flow, Rectangular Marine Grade Rubber Muffs, For Outboard-I/O Sterndrives, with Garden Hose Connector

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This Five Oceans Universal Motor Flusher Dual Flow provides a way to connect their Outboard and I/O Sterndrives to a freshwater source and effectively flush out sand, salt water, sediment, seaweed and silt. The universal rectangular cups are held over the engine's intake by a spring-loaded clamp and supply freshwater from a single garden hose. The Motor Flusher can also be used to perform tune-ups and other maintenance conveniently in your driveway or shop. Flush your engine's cooling system and keep corrosion out with this premium outboard motor flusher.

Note: When left in the cooling system, saltwater can cause corrosion that can lead to expensive repairs and possible engine failure; flushing the engine with freshwater helps to combat this corrosion.

- Removes corrosive saltwater and silt from outboard and inboard/outboard engine cooling systems
- Ideal for flushing engines after saltwater use
- Allows routine maintenance or tune-ups to be performed on dry land

- Rectangular Muffs deliver freshwater from a garden hose and are held in place by a spring clamp
- Can be used with inline mixers to deliver salt removal products for a more thorough flushing
- Dual Input Design Provides Better Flow Through Engine
- Dimensions (Rectangular Muffs): 4-7/8 inches (124mm) x 3-1/4 inches (83mm)
- Hose Thread: 3/4 inches
- PVC coated High Tensile steel bracket, not easy to deform
- Black PVC cap is UV and corrosion resistant for long service life.