6 Gallon Fuel Tank Portable Kit for All Yamaha and Mercury Engines Connection, 3/8" Hose - Five Oceans

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These Five Oceans' multi-layer low-permeation tanks are really robust and durable, and they meet the functional and safety requirements of the harsh marine environment.

  • KIT INCLUDES: 6 Gallon Fuel Tank, Primer Bulb Fuel Line with 3/8" Hose, One Brass 1/4” NPT Male Fuel Line Connector 2-Prong, Two 3/8" Barb Female Fuel Line Connector for all Yamaha/Mercury Applications & Two Stainless Steel Hose Clamps
  • FUEL TANK KIT COMPATIBLE with ALL Yamaha and Mercury engines  and with ETHANOL BLENDED FUELS.
  • CAPACITY of 6 Gallons (22 Litres)Single Fuel Tank (Product Number: CAE-003312-01)
  • ONE 3/8" BARB FUEL LINE FEMALE Quick Connector for All Yamaha/Mercury Engine Connection
  • ONE MALE MERCURY 1/4" NPT Fuel Line Connector.  It is recommended the use of gasoline compatible thread tape during installation to ensure the best possible seal.

This handy 5-piece fuel tank kit is useful for outboard boats.
They're highly robust and durable; additionally, meet ever safety requirement for those of us who enjoy marine life.
The primer bulb 3/8" hose fuel line is designed with the premium quality rubber material that meets a wide range of temperatures and reinforced durability.
Not to mention, comes with a Yamaha 1/4" NPT male connector and two (2) female connector for Yamaha/Mercury.
This complete set is perfect for the everyday adventure seeking, passion-driven explore.
This product is not EPA approved.
Kindly note that for transport or the movement of fuel tank the vent (Located on Top of Cap) must be closed in order to avoid leakage.
In addition, a running engine must have the fuel tank's vent open for proper operation.

In this kit, both the Male & Female Connectors which go on the fuel tank corresponds to the model used by the original Mercury Fuel Tanks from 1998 onward.

Kit Includes:
(1) 6 Gallon Fuel Tank/Portable with Gauge - Product Number: CAE-003312-01
  • (1) Fuel Line with Primer Bulb - 3/8" Hose - Product Number: CAE-003099-01
  • (1) Fuel Line Connector for Mercury 1/4" NPT Male - Product Number: CAE-002899-01 (1) Fuel Line Connector for Mercury Applications, 3/8" Barb, Female Product Number: CAE-002900-01
  • (1) 3/8" Barb Female Fuel Line Quick Connector for All Yamaha/Mercury Engine Connection Product Number: CAE-002888-01
  • (2) Stainless Steel Hose Clamps


  • High strength ergonomic handle
  • Easy-to-read mechanical direct sight gauge included
  • Dimensions: 23" (L) x 11.4" (W) x 8.85"
  • Capacity: 6 Gallon (22.7 litre)
  • UV and Ozone resistant
  • High strength Universal Pick Up Tube with standard 1/4"NPT fuel fitting


  • Any low-permeation tank may become pressurized when exposed to direct sunlight or any other source of heat.
    • Under these conditions you may see the tank expand or bulge. DO NOT place the tank in a confined area that prevents this normal expansion.
      • Pressurized low-permeation fuel system components require a thread sealant specifically designed for the unique conditions they create to maintain a leak-proof seal at their threaded connections.
        • Tape-type thread sealants will not withstand the pressurized conditions potentially created within low-permeation systems.

        PRODUCT CODE: CAE-010022-01