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Deluxe Deck Kit w/ Brush, Mop, and Hook

  • $48.56

Tackle dirt on deck and gain scrubbing power with the deluxe deck brush cleaning kit by Five Oceans'. Designed with a stronger longer handle, a hook feature, and a brush/mop function. This triple combination kit features an anodized aluminum shaft with the ability to attach a brush, mop, or hook to the end. Measuring 28" - 64", this telescoping handle and convenient accessory attachment method makes this cleaning kit one of kind. Not to mention, a 9 1/2" wide brush with soft fibers works great for all-around scrubbing.

  • Soft brush with squeegee end for gentle scratch free cleaning
  • Length: 2' 4"(711 mm) up to 5' 4" (1625 mm)
  • Brush Size: 9 1/2"
  • Type: Brush/Mop/Hook Kit
  • Material: Aluminum w/Plastic Brush Frame
  • Color: Yellow & Black
  • Feature: Hook Adapter

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